Cordless Vacuum

Cordless Vacuum

DEWALT DCV580H 20V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

In these days of cleanliness, we must take care of friends. Because many germs can cause disease. Moreover, now we can see a change in the habits of existing people. What used to be commonplace about cleanliness is now starting to look for hygiene products. To support the cleanliness of the environment, especially in our homes. DeWalt launched a power tool called DEWALT DCV580H 20V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum.

Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum with series code DCv580H already uses HepaFilter as an air filter. Which is usually found in air filters. There are various kinds of vacuum cleaners out there, but can it be this reliable? I think not with the quality of products from DeWalt that we know already produce many power tools must doubt its power.

Okay, now we will discuss the advantages of DEWALT DCV580H 20V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum are. This tool is a cordless vacuum cleaner or commonly referred to as a cordless power 20v MAX Battery. But rest assured, we can change the battery in the package to a larger battery with a more substantial amperage power. The capacity of this vacuum cleaner is as large as 2 gallons. It is more than enough as it seems to be for home use or in the office. With on-board hose and storage accessories, we can carry this tool easily and also move it.

Now we will discuss from the side of the filter that HEPA rated. We found the filter used can be used up to 0.3 microns; wow, this is amazing. And can also be used for dry and wet conditions. If there is a spill of water, this tool is clearly handy. For how to clean from this tool is really easy. Unlatch the tank latches, and here we go. We can already clean the 2-gallon tank and also change what filter when needed.

From the purchase package, you only get the tools. Batteries and chargers sold separately, along with accessories for micro cleaning kits, are also sold separately. It is a pity here why DeWALT does not blend the appliance and accessories and batteries and chargers.

It sold on for just $134.99. Very reasonable price for only we get a vacuum cleaner without other accessories.

This time I will describe some of my results to mention the Pros and Cons of this product so that you guys, when buying it, are not disappointed. And you can compare with other tools that you might believe.


  1. Portable
  2. Very Light
  3. Accessible
  4. Flexible in terms of charging 18v and 20V batteries


  1. The dump port is located on the same side where the suction hose comes out.
  2. Does not include accessories for cleaning


Suppose you want to have a clean tool such as garages and decks that rarely have cable plugs with a price of about $139. In that case, this tool can be carried everywhere and clean between rooms, but this tool is not included in our micro clean, so it is a pity. DeWALT should consist of this cleaning package along with its accessories.

It’s just a personal opinion and gathers some facts in the field. If you like our discussion, please share it with your relations. And if you want us to discuss other tools, please leave a comment below.

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